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GUfC Recommendation 3

Cafcass Separated Information Parents Programme includes the experiences of grandparents. The Cafcass website includes awareness of grandchildren separated from grandparents and signpost support available.

They also re-launched our website and, as part of this, have reviewed the information about the role and importance of grandparents in the separated / divorced parents' typology. We are delighted that this content is now on their website here Information for grandparents who want to help | Cafcass


GUfC Recommendation 7

Cafcass state an increase in numbers of grandparents applying to the Courts. There is now a need to explore the numbers of Court Orders, last recorded in 2016. This is clearly outdated.


Cafcass ( support the family court system with children and families going through their cases. The intention is generally to ensure that the outcome of legal proceedings benefit the child or young person. This is in both public and private law cases. 


We asked them for information on the numbers of grandparents applying to family courts (under private law usually) as the last known figures were published in 2016.

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